"We need to create a future for manufacturing": Balmoral Tanks MD Backs Britain

"We need to create a future for manufacturing": Balmoral Tanks MD Backs Britain

Balmoral Tanks

Backing Britain is back. Made in Group is urging the UK government to debate and act upon: addressing concerns related to safeguarding manufacturing capacity, addressing concerns related to ownership of British businesses, and appointing a Minister for manufacturing.  

Ahead of the UK general election, set to take place across Britain on 4th July 2024, The Backing Britain campaign seeks to enhance supply chain competence within government, ultimately driving national prosperity and security through a robust industrial sector. UK Industry leaders are taking action now by signing the pledge, including Allan Joyce, Managing Director of Balmoral Tanks. Allan said: "Backing Britain is making sure that we create a future for manufacturing”. 

With a new government taking center stage in the coming weeks, Made in Group, Including Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire, is taking action. The Backing Britain pledge encourages manufacturers to sign an open letter that will be sent to every MP. On 5th December 2024  during Made’s annual Westminster trip, the manifesto by manufacturers and the signed pledges will be presented to the government. To make a lasting impact, the organisation is encouraging every UK industry leader and professional to sign the pledge. With 100K signatures, the manifesto will be discussed in parliament and closer to taking real action on the matter.

Allan Joyce has been Managing  Director of Balmoral Tanks in Rotherham, Yorkshire since its inception in 2018. Whilst the company experienced a difficult time bouncing back from the covid 19 pandemic, the renowned manufacturer of tanks is seeing a buoyancy in revenue and exports now, despite Brexit-related regulations. “Last year we exported to 54 countries and our export revenue has grown by 88% in the last two years, ” Allan said. 

Despite this resilience, which can be witnessed across the UK manufacturing sector, Allan believes the industry isn't represented at the government level properly - regardless of making up around 23% of the UK’s overall GDP. “Manufacturing is resilient and fundamentally important to the UK’s future. I find it amazing that we have to fight so hard to get government representation. Despite this, I think manufacturing in the UK is still strong.” 

“The minister for manufacturing in question needs to be someone who is taking care of threats, risks, and opportunities with real research and development (R&D),” Allan added. He went on to say that it is vital that whoever represents the sector must believe “manufacturing is key to the UK’s future and who is also passionate about it.” With manufacturing employing around 2.6 million people, generating £200 billion every year for the economy, and creating over 40% of the country’s exports Allan begs the question: “Why shouldn't there be representation at government level? It is incredible what manufacturing businesses generate for this country.” 

When it comes to what Backing Britain means to manufacturers - supporting people, the economy, and the legacy of UK manufacturing is high on many people's lists. As around  43% of spend contributes to R&D in manufacturing, Allan believes Backing Britain means creating a future that allows businesses to take advantage of technological advancements. “Backing Britain for me is making sure that we create a future for the sector that allows us to take advantage of opportunities that create learning and development through processes and people, aligning education with the needs of the skill sets of tomorrow that are undoubtedly going to involve technology.” 

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Sign the pledge now. Backing Britain pledge. 

Join us in Westminster on 5th December to present the Backing Britain manifesto to the government. Register now.