Warm Towels, Not the Planet campaign

Warm Towels, Not the Planet campaign

The Sterlingham Company Limited

Press Release

The Sterlingham Company Ltd, UK Manufacturer of brass Bathroom Accessories, Towel Warmers and Washstands have announced a Warm Towels, Not the Planet campaign with an aim of becoming a carbon neutral manufacturer within 12 months and reach net zero by 2040.

The Sterlingham, who employ around 50 staff at their factory in Stourbridge, West Midlands produce for companies worldwide with 60% of their 2021 turnover being exported.

The company have already identified a target to “reduce the production of their hydronic towel warmers to 0%” in the coming months, preferring instead to promote their dry-line electric towel warmers which they recognise are both greener to manufacture as well as to sell and to own.

To try and encourage people to think twice about the power type they specify they are committing to planting a tree for each Electric Towel Warmer sold over the next 12 months, a move which they hope in itself gets them to carbon neutral.

Andrew Healey, Managing Director, said “We hope by pushing this initiative we might give others the confidence or motivation to do the same as we know that no business can get to net zero alone, we all need to go together. As part of the process, we will naturally look to make more improvements internally, having already made many over the last few years. Most important is that we engage with our supply chain to encourage our suppliers and customers to review their own carbon footprint and affect changes outside of just our own factory.”

“We have always believed in the quality and status of our dry-line electric towel warmers and have had huge successes selling them over the past 30 years, and particularly in the past 10 years as attitudes have changed. Manufacturing them in sub-assemblies allows us to process them a lot more efficiently, especially in some of the heavier energy usage processes such as electroplating.”

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