UK Manufacturers raise over 10K for Dementia - and counting

UK Manufacturers raise over 10K for Dementia - and counting

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Together we do more. Industry leaders, including members of Made in the Midlands, have got together to raise over £10,000 for Race Against Dementia - and the numbers continue to rise. The group named the RADical Rogues, organised by James Worthington from Myworkwear, have taken part in three race challenges over the past three years to bring awareness to the cause. The latest trip saw the group take on a trip from the Midlands to Ireland.

(An image taken in Ireland by the RADical Rogues during their trip in May 2024)

On 17th May 2024 the RADical Rogues came together to complete their latest trip to Ireland to raise funds and awareness for dementia research. Taking part in the trip to Southern Ireland with James from Myworkwear were business leaders and members of Made in the Midlands: Tony Sartorius, MD of Alucast, Simon Hanson, MD of HCM Engineering and Phil Stanley, MD of TWP group

Also joining the team this year was Steve Wood, Ops Director at Bridge Aluminum Ltd, Mark Ollerensaw, Director at JPS Projects Ltd, Richard Thomas, Senior Consultant at Spitfire Consultancy, Alex Brennan, Managing Director of Beamish Prestige Limited, Jason Aulton, Sales Director at Dengensha Europe Ltd, Alan Dunbar President of Darchem Engineering and John Race, Tech Lead at Charge Cars. With many of the group having known people affected by dementia whilst all having a passion for cars, the participants were driven to do everything they could for the cause. 

(The RADical Rogues team on the ferry from England to Ireland) 

The RADical Rogues was formed by James Worthington in honour of Race Against Dementia. The global charity, founded by Sir Jackie Stewart OBE, raises funds to fuel pioneering research into the prevention and cure of dementia as 1 in 3 of us will die with the disease. James decided to form the group back in 2021 due to his own father passing away because of it. 

Since then the group have raised a remarkable £10,000 spanning across three race challenges to Scotland, Wales and now Ireland. In August 2022, the group took to Scotland where they completed the North Coast 500 challenge as part of the Cannon Bawz Run - a car rally that takes place in Elgin every year. The following year, in May 2023, an impressive convoy of sports cars took a trip spanning another 500 miles - taking scenic routes: Dragon's Spine, Snowdon to Anglesey and finishing the tour from Brecon Beacons to South West Coast. 

In their biggest adventure yet the team took on a 1,600 mile trip from the Midlands to Ireland -  the Ring of Kerry. Alex Brennan, MD of Beamish Prestige Limited travelled down in his Range Rover Sport. Joined by his two sons Louie and Finley, he took part to aid his neighbour and friend James on the journey for a worthy cause. Alex said: “Ireland is one of the most stunning places on this planet. People told me how beautiful it was and yet I was still in awe when I got there.” 

(The RADical rogues in Ireland, May 2024) 

Phil Stanley from TWP, said: “it was difficult driving 8 hours daily spanning over 3 days to complete the challenge. The scenic beauty and camaraderie kept us going though.” An avid motor enthusiast and fan of Formula 1, Phil took his Jaguar F type on the trip down to Ireland along with his wife in the passenger seat. Phil joined the challenge having seen the effects of dementia first hand with friends suffering from the disease, “Dementia is a debilitating disease that affects the mind whilst leaving the body intact. We have a duty to create more awareness and funding to find a cure”, he continued. 

Similar to Phil, Simon Hanson from HCM, has experienced family members suffering from the disease. Simon agreed that the drive was tiring but worth the funds they raised for the charity. Also driving a Jaguar F type, he mentioned the mountainous scenery: “some parts were single track roads and at points we lost each other due to Sat Nav malfunctions.” Regardless of challenges along the way, Simon also believes that raising awareness is vital because “everyone will be touched in some way by dementia.” he concluded.  

Tony from Alucast took his Bentley Continental on the trip, as a grand tourer car, he said: “it was a perfect choice for such a long drive, which was more than double the distance of our previous challenges.” The team of 16 people in total visited the Wicklow mountains, lakes around Killarney, Kenmare, Kinsale and, of course, the Ring of Kerry. Tony continued: “A great time was had by all, including my son Theo. The disease of dementia needs further medical research and with many people having loved ones with this dreadful disease, it motivated me to take part.” 

Whilst the team have done a tremendous job raising over £10,000 for the cause, the journey doesn't end in Ireland. The RADical Rogues  are still encouraging people to donate whatever they can to help “fuel minds, equip labs and enable groundbreaking research discoveries for dementia.” 

Donate to Race Against Dementia - RADical Rogues Rally here.