UK Manufacturers Green Strategies Discussed in Latest Roundtable

UK Manufacturers Green Strategies Discussed in Latest Roundtable

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Manufacturers discuss their current challenges and successes on saving energy, pressure from customers for green credentials and working towards a carbon neutral future. The roundtable discussion took place at the latest Virtual Breakfast morning on 9th November 2022. 

Made in Group members can get involved in discussion groups to share insights with other manufacturers on current and relevant issues. Made in Group consists of Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire, industry associations hosted on the Made Platform. Made in Group is a private digital network for manufacturers and their industry influencers to share experiences.

In the latest Made in Group Virtual Breakfast Morning, multiple business individuals from a variety of sectors took part in a group discussion on Green Strategies in business. This included leaders from manufacturing firms based in the Midlands and Yorkshire. 

Around 40 other members of the Made in Group also took part in roundtable discussions on topics: SMART Factories, Retention & Skills and Managing Risk. The discussions gave members the opportunity to share their challenges/successes, and to inspire and educate each other. All of the roundtables are condensed into short blog posts for other business leaders to consider and for Made members to reflect on. All of the blogs are published to the Made in Group websites - and

In this week's discussion on Green Strategies participants shared their experience regarding their company’s sustainability practices. Many of the applications would not be considered as a massive change, however the impact of the actions are having a tremendous effect on the company and the environment. 

Members shared their experiences so far, some of which includes installing solar panels, introducing EV transport vehicles, upcycling products and introducing LED lighting. Industry leaders also highlighted that there is an increasing pressure from their customer base to have green credentials. 

One of the members mentioned how introducing solar panels has reduced their energy consumption by 70%. However, being an energy intensive company one of the challenges they are facing is a 300-400% price increase in March 2023 due to the energy price cap being removed for commercial properties.

Participants discussed that potential solutions could include staff members and their thoughts on where energy can be saved in the workplace. As a starting point, businesses should collect data on what energy is currently being used in order to see where costs can be saved. 

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