Tadweld MD joins mission to Back Britain

Tadweld MD joins mission to Back Britain

Tadweld Limited

Backing Britain is back. Made in Group is urging the UK government to debate and act upon: addressing concerns related to safeguarding manufacturing capacity, addressing concerns related to ownership of British businesses and appointing a Minister for manufacturing.  

Ahead of the UK general election, set to take place across Britain on 4th July 2024, The Backing Britain campaign seeks to enhance supply chain competence within government, ultimately driving national prosperity and security through a robust industrial sector. UK Industry leaders are taking action now by signing the pledge, including Chris Houston Managing Director of Tadweld who believes “government lacks focus on a sector that is a fundamental part of the economy.” 

With a new government taking centre stage in the coming weeks, Made in Group, Including Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire, is taking action. The Backing Britain pledge encourages manufacturers to sign an open letter that will be sent to every MP. On 5th December 2024 during Made’s annual Westminster the manifesto by manufacturers and the signed pledges will be presented to the government. To make a lasting impact, the organisation is encouraging every UK industry leader and professional to sign the pledge. With 100K signatures, the manifesto will be discussed in parliament and closer to taking real action on the matter.

Chris, who joined Tadweld as Managing Director in 2022 has a long established career in the engineering and manufacturing sector. Over the years working at multinational corporations to leading a smaller enterprise in his home country, Chris has gained invaluable insights into the challenges facing the sector across continents. “If you look at the most prominent economies in the world, particularly those that have grown heavily in the last two decades, they all have strong manufacturing foundations.” Chris said. 

In the Congressional Research Service report published in June 2019, it discusses ‘China’s economic rise’ and how its manufacturing foundations are heavily supported by the government. “The Chinese government has made innovation a top priority in its economic planning through a number of high-profile initiatives, such as “Made in China 2025,” a plan announced in 2015 to upgrade and modernise China’s manufacturing”, as reported in the document. 

“When people need things, they need the manufacturing sector to make them, and the UK has some great people and technologies” Chris continued. Many manufacturing leaders, including Chris, believe that whilst the UK manufacturing sector is strong it lacks appropriate government support and representation - despite the fact it makes up 23% of the UK’s overall GDP. “Manufacturing forms the foundation of the economy for everything that sits outside of London. I think that is what has been lost  - focus on industrial communities across the UK that don't have a KPMG in every city.” 

Industry leaders signing the Made in Group pledge to Back Britain agree that there is a need for a dedicated minister for manufacturing in government. Whilst this person should be someone that understands the sector and its challenges, they should also understand that “Manufacturing doesn't just provide jobs and profit, but also contributes to communities and sectors that allow them to be successful. Backing Britain is about supporting manufacturing SME’s to be successful. To be successful in their local communities and equipping them with the skills, investing in the education pipeline of talent, giving them support when it comes to expanding facilities and supplying tax breaks or incentives for investment." Chris concluded. 

Made in Group is a trade organisation that helps elevate manufacturing businesses' online presence whilst giving them a platform to connect and share ideas. Dedicated to uniting British industry, the UK collective relies on its members to help them amplify their voice for manufacturing and showcase the critical role of industry leaders in shaping the nation's future. 

Sign the pledge now. Backing Britain pledge. 

Join us in Westminster on 5th December to present the Backing Britain manifesto to the government. Register now.