Strategic investments ignite RSD Pressings' best practices

Strategic investments ignite RSD Pressings' best practices

RSD Pressings Ltd

At the core of the British manufacturing scene stands a formidable presence—RSD Pressings. With a legacy spanning six decades, this stalwart has consistently upheld standards of reliability and quality in the manufacturing sector. Specialising in a range of services, with a keen focus on the automotive industry, RSD Pressings excels in presswork, laser cutting, fabrication, welding, and roll-forming. Not just a manufacturing powerhouse, RSD Pressings is a testament to the enduring strength of family business in the industry.
Leading the charge is the dynamic Danny Burton, Managing Director, who engaged in a recent conversation with Jason Pitt, CEO of Made in Group. 

Invitation to RSD Best Practice event

RSD Pressings will be hosting Made in the Midlands members on February 15th, opening their doors for an exclusive look into its operations. As a prime example of a tier 2 supplier, RSD provides a unique chance for members to witness best practices in action from a mid-tier business.

According to Danny, he draws inspiration from major OEMs and, being a crucial part of the automotive supply chain, aspires to learn from industry giants like JLR, Nissan, VW, and Porsche.

Jason Pitt emphasises the importance of accessible best practices, and said, “Innovation often thrives in SMEs and mid-tier enterprises. I eagerly anticipate the visit to RSD, it is a family business with a genuine passion for what they do.”

The Made in Group facilitates face-to-face factory tours and virtual meet-ups, with RSD Pressings being the inaugural factory tour 2024.

Crafting Excellence and Tradition

RSD Pressings, a beacon of British manufacturing prowess, nestled in a purpose-built 45,000 sq. ft facility, it houses an arsenal of presses ranging from 50 to 400 tonnes, a formidable Amada 3kW Fibre Laser Machine, and a 130-tonne Amada Press Brake. RSD's commitment to quality and continuous improvement echoes through its machinery and the skilled hands that manoeuvre them.

Investing in the Future

Danny Burton has grown the business considerably since its early days, but even though he is now the front figure in the business, he credits much of his inspiration from his father.

Danny said, “My role model particularly in business was looking at my father who had a tremendous work ethic and ethos managing money, the biggest practical thing an owner can do is to manage the money right, that means not stripping all of the profits out of the business.

“For some this has been their downfall, whatever money has been made in the year, they've stripped it out. As the custodian of a business you need to look to reinvest in your business, machinery, and plant.

“We've always had the philosophy of reinvesting in our workforce, and our business, it's all about managing the money correctly.”

Danny Burton In an era where productivity is king, RSD refuses to be a mere observer. Burton passionately outlined the company's bold investments—nudging a cool million into cutting-edge machinery. A flat factory layout, a symphony of automatic and manual presses, and a strategic focus on ancillary equipment showcase RSD's commitment to efficiency.

Getting buy-in from your team

Workforce challenges? RSD stared them down, unyielding. Burton revealed the secret sauce—changing mindsets, instilling efficiency, and making every worker a stakeholder. Monthly meetings, open communication, and a family-oriented ethos have birthed a resilient and adaptable workforce.
Even the work apparel got an upgrade, using lighter and better quality material. Danny said, "We've got quite a warm factory, so making garments stretchier, more manoeuvrable, so that our employees are comfortable in the day." RSD are proving that in the grand tapestry of British manufacturing, every thread counts.

Technological Symphony

RSD's machinery is not just metal—it's a technological symphony. The 400-ton press acquired in May 2022 is a testament to recent investments. Burton unravelled the chronicle of a 600,000-pound spend in 2019, unlocking the doors to fabrication and propelling RSD into the future. A new MRP system is on the horizon, poised to streamline processes and reduce administrative overheads.

Green, Clean, and Unstoppable

Sustainability has always been part of the ethos of RSD. Since attaining ISO 14001 accreditation in the early 2000s, the company has been on a relentless quest to reduce its environmental footprint. Low-capacity regulators, filtration-equipped extraction units, electric forklift trucks, and recycling initiatives—all woven into RSD's fabric of responsibility.

British to the Core

For RSD, "Backing in Britain" is more than a tagline; it's a battle cry. Burton's rallying call—supporting British companies, choosing UK-made products where possible, and a fervent plea for a government directive that champions local manufacturing.

Made in the Midlands: A Community, Not Just a Label

Being part of the Made in the Midlands community isn't just a badge; it's a lifeline. Burton spoke passionately about the benefits—networking, idea exchange, and even saving on energy costs through the community. The camaraderie and shared experiences, according to Burton, have been positive in the sometimes lonely journey of running a business.

In Conclusion

RSD Pressings is not merely a company; it's a testament of resilience, innovation, and unwavering British spirit. As the Midlands continue to reverberate with the hum of machinery, RSD stands tall—an embodiment of British industry, a symbol of unyielding commitment, and a testament to the spirit of Made in the Midlands!