Smart Systems 'Practice What They Preach' with Solar Panel PV Installation

Smart Systems 'Practice What They Preach' with Solar Panel PV Installation

Smart Systems UK

Energy saving experts Smart Systems have been helping businesses make better use of energy for more than 20 years. The Coventry based company will be offering solar PV to businesses and domestic customers as of November 2022, and has started the journey by getting solar panels fitted to their own facility. 

Smart Systems is an agile innovative business supplying a wide range of products to facilities management customers and over 600 electrical wholesalers. The firm has become a leader in supplying creative commercial lighting solutions to many environments, helping businesses reduce costs, waste and environmental impact. Their clients include schools, factories, offices and local authorities, with many of the projects being carried out on a return on investment (ROI) basis. 

The company’s latest innovation will see them install 85 solar power panels to their facility in Coventry, with a predicted ROI of 4-5 years. The company earned a grant from the EDF and is inviting businesses to watch the installation take place from Tuesday 25th October, the project will take one week to complete. The company will also be providing live data throughout the installation to show business leaders how much energy is being collected via the solar panels in real time. 

As experts in energy saving the company will also be supplying solar panels and installation services as part of the business. With energy costs rising and businesses dealing with other economical challenges, Smart Systems wants to help educate business leaders on the benefits of solar and prove the benefits by essentially ‘practising what they preach.’

Ian Hill, Smart Systems CEO and Founder, said:

“Clearly we could not preach about the benefits of solar and then not install a system onto the roof of our own factory in Oban Road Coventry, we use power in our everyday processes as well as in the production areas and with energy costs spiralling it is the natural thing to do.

We would like to invite business owners who are considering energy saving to visit us during the installation to witness the procedures and meet experts in solar as well as LED lighting and EV vehicle charging. We will also be filming the installation and providing live data when the system is switched on.”

One of the common misconceptions about solar energy is that they need direct sunlight to operate, when in fact, Solar PV generates power all year round. In the UK alone, solar can produce as much as 30% of UK electricity at different points of the year. 

Visit the Solar PV installation at Smart Systems by heading to the premises all this week: Oban Rd, Longford, Coventry CV6 6HH. Contact 02476 364400 or email [email protected] if you would like to visit or discuss.