Nottingham Proves Unmatched Employment Best Practice in Manufacturing

Nottingham Proves Unmatched Employment Best Practice in Manufacturing

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On 9th May 2024, Made in the Midlands will be holding an exclusive factory tour with Greene Tweed (GT), giving member manufacturers the opportunity to network and learn/share best practice. Based in Nottingham UK, with plants in USA, Taiwan and Europe too, GT has designed and engineered high performance components for clients for a variety of industries  for over 160 years. 

Hosting the factory tour and networking event is Tony Baldassarra, Sealing Systems EVSM and UK Site Lead at Greene Tweed, he says: “We are looking forward to opening our doors to Made in Group members for the first time on 9th May 2024. We have made major investments into the facility over the past few years including introducing robot automation and upskilling our staff inline with the technological advancements.”

When it comes to best practices for optimising efficiency in business and engaging staff with new company processes, Tony is considered an expert and leader in the field. 

He continued:  “Automation is navigating the company towards improving efficiency, driving down costs and tackling recruitment challenges. To be successful in the future we need a new generation of people to take up roles in manufacturing. To inspire them to do this, we need to be able to offer them these tech savvy roles.”

To ensure manufacturing excellence is maintained in Nottingham and the East Midlands, business leaders must engage staff and potential engineers of the future as suggested by Tony. Boneham & Turner, residents of Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottingham, supply jigs and fixture components to a multitude of industries and are actively trying to retain skills and continue their lasting legacy - established in 1918. 

Charles Boneham, Managing Director of Boneham & Turner said: “we are trying to bridge the skills gap in industry by taking on apprentices from West Nottinghamshire College and creating our own internal training modules to ensure skills are not lost.” 

Whilst The region is far from lacking engineering skills, it seems manufacturers are still finding it challenging to find and retain skilled staff, especially with big brands, tier 1s and OEMs just around the corner. In Made in Group’s ‘Big People and Skills Report 2023’ 3 in 5 member manufacturers said recruitment is harder now compared to pre-pandemic, with an unsurprisingly 78% reporting that digital skills are now a greater priority compared to historically. 

Micro-Mesh Engineering has been established since 1968 in Nottingham and are placing themselves as an employer of choice with advancements in technology - much like Greene Tweed. James Underwood, Managing Director at Micro-Mesh, said: “In recent years we have introduced robotics and 3D printing that has helped in attracting young skilled workers”. To tackle issues around an ageing workforce, where there is a potential for skills to be lost, Micro-Mesh have focused on bringing in new talents under 30 for key roles in engineering, development, drawings and product development. 

James concluded: “We look for people with skills that can enhance the business such as programming, marketing and web design. So far we have been successful in acquiring skills locally using Nottingham University, renowned for its Advanced Manufacturing, to recruit degree level students.” 

With unmatched best practice in acquiring, maintaining and upskilling staff inline with an ever changing industry, make sure not miss the factory tour and networking event with Greene Tweed on 9th May at 9am. To find out more about the event and to register, please click the link to register below. 

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