Made in Yorkshire launches new industry council to accelerate growth

Made in Yorkshire launches new industry council to accelerate growth

Made In Group

Today, Jason Pitt launched the Made in Group's new Made in Yorkshire growth council to assert a commitment to the region and growth. "This is the first time we have focused on a formal growth strategy that includes the use of a bursary scheme, so we are excited about this new chapter."

Jason Pitt chaired the first Council session. Future sessions will convene at member facilities as part of a new quarterly best practice site visit around Yorkshire at council member facilities.

The new growth council will work with the Made in Group executive team to ensure the membership delivers value to the members and help the organisation grow.

Jason said, "In growing membership, we are also uniting British industry; The Made in Group exists to champion British manufacturing, increase online visibility and share and learn best practices."

Over 72 members have Spoken throughout the year, and nearly 1000 delegates have participated in various events.

Jason added, "We are pleased to announce the launch of the new growth council and bursary scheme. Manufacturers in Yorkshire will apply for a subsidised membership or a bursary of up to 12 months. Prospective members can be nominated by us or approved through our executive team.
"This approach will remove friction in joining and enable Made in Yorkshire to grow and support more companies."

Building on pre-pandemic success, Made in Yorkshire can go further than before and unleash the benefits that a united Yorkshire industrial base can bring to the companies involved and the wider community.

Why now?

Jason said, "We're proud of our work so far, and we know that our most significant impact is yet to come. More and more manufacturers need to be connected, we collectively face the biggest challenge of a generation, and it will require collective intelligence to overcome these issues.

"I know how this feels; we also had to overcome adversity; the pandemic was a massive blow to our business model and required significant investment. This has hardened our resolve; we have worked hard to build something in Yorkshire. The value we've created and the importance of the mission means that no amount of external barriers are going to prevent us from our ultimate goal of uniting more and more companies to increase competitiveness and champion British industry. I want to thank all our members and the newly formed council for supporting us.

"I digress, but according to the Albert Einstein institute book on how to build and sustain democracies, community groups are one of the key pillars. Anyone bringing people together and sharing knowledge is strengthening our democracy."
"We all need to share our wisdom and ideas at this time. This is not a time for every individual to row their 'own boat', this is a time for unity, and we all start rowing in the same direction. That way, we are stronger."

Made in Yorkshire enjoyed tremendous success and acclaim pre-pandemic; the group have done some notable work, including highlighting companies who participated in the ventilator challenge and kept the community connected. The Made in Group also had to overcome adversity; the pandemic was a massive blow to the business model and required significant investment. To rebuild and grow, the group calls for its members' help.

Founding members of the new Growth Council include; Jo Young, Additive X; Allan Joyce, Balmoral Tanks; Alan Pickering, Unison; Karen Tinkler, The Partners Group; Luke Appleby, Equilibrium Risk; Simon Gibson, AUS UK.
Members interested in joining the council can contact us