Made in the Midlands Catches Up with TWP Manufacturing Founder Member, Phil Stanley

Made in the Midlands Catches Up with TWP Manufacturing Founder Member, Phil Stanley

TWP Manufacturing Ltd

Jason Pitt of Made in the Midlands, recently convened with esteemed figures Phil Stanley and Richard Perry to glean insights into the latest developments within one of the group's founding members.

Anyone fortunate enough to have encountered Phil would readily attest to his embodiment of the quintessential British spirit— a fusion of innovation, patriotism, and community values. In the realm of supply chain quandaries or the demand for ingenious solutions, Phil stands as an individual unyielding in his readiness to confront challenges.

Embarking on a comprehensive tour of the facility revealed a myriad of projects, each a bespoke solution crafted to address the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs and companies. Noteworthy among these innovations is a seat belt clamp employing a magnetic release mechanism, meticulously tailored for the disability sector. In the backdrop, the seat belt underwent rigorous testing, subjected to thousands of repetitions to ensure the design and prototype's excellence before venturing into production.

As our exploration of this diverse engineering enterprise continued, we traversed through the realms of automotive and gardening products. An enthralling project unfolded, wherein Phil constructed a cost-effective enclosure for RBW Cars an automotive company leveraging the MG Heritage brand to produce brand-new EV Classic-style cars.

Phil, an avowedly passionate engineer, frequently immerses himself in the business during the early hours, especially when engaged in projects requiring concerted effort. It is this obsessive drive and passion that has not only established a unique niche for TWP Manufacturing within the manufacturing community but also fueled the company's adaptive prowess.

TWP has not merely adapted to the market but seized opportunities to evolve beyond being a mere supplier, emerging as its own OEM with a direct-from-manufacturer range of products, spanning camera tripods, gardening equipment, and photographic lighting.

In Phil's words, "People often turn to us not just to manufacture a product but to assist them in solving a problem, confident in our can-do attitude."

Phil also proudly showcased his recent investments, including the acquisition of a Citizen Machine. Despite some of these machines having accumulated a few miles, Phil affirmed, "All our machines owe us nothing. We invest in efficient, reliable machines that yield superior output, without accumulating excessive debt."

Phil's approach to investment mirrors the innovation inherent in his problem-solving strategies— astute in spotting opportunities and maximising their inherent value.

TWP Manufacturing staunchly upholds a commitment to sustainability, actively participating in a green investment project aimed at comprehending and gathering data on energy usage. Phil proudly stated, "Through this investment, we've successfully eliminated the peaks and troughs in energy consumption, resulting in a marked decline in our energy expenditure."

Phil also extended his commendations to fellow members, such as HCM Engineering and Alucast, who have not only become valued associates but have collaborated on various projects within the business.

As one of the founding members, TWP Manufacturing boasts a formidable network, establishing a robust supply chain that incorporates fellow members like Ouse. The secret to their success lies in diversification—TWP avoids placing all its proverbial eggs in one basket, turning a profit by recognizing and leveraging its strengths and distinctive offerings in the marketplace.

Amidst the influx of private equity firms and larger organisations imposing stringent processes, the presence of these creative minds in the manufacturing sector is undeniably reassuring. TWP Manufacturing stands tall as one of the Midlands' great SMEs, an invaluable intangible asset within the United Kingdom's industrial landscape.

For TWP Manufacturing the Baking Britain message is about supporting your local supply chains to ensure they are there for successive generations. Phil added, “When we first joined Made in the Midlands we drew a circle of 20 mile radius and it was our goal to try and know more businesses on our door step.”

Meet Phil and Richard at the upcoming Made in the Midlands Growth Strategies event at Crowe UK in Oldbury on the 23rd April.

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