Local Manufacturing Shines as Andy Street Officially  Opens TWP Group's CNC Machine Shop

Local Manufacturing Shines as Andy Street Officially Opens TWP Group's CNC Machine Shop

TWP Manufacturing Ltd

The West Midlands Mayor, Andy Street, recently paid a visit to TWP Group's official opening of the CNC machine shop in the Black Country. The event was a significant milestone for TWP Group, marking the completion of a three-year project that started just before the COVID-19 lockdown.

During his visit, Andy Street was given a full tour of the TWP Group factory and made time to meet all the staff, including the six employees in the CNC department.

Speaking about the visit, TWP Group's director Phil Stanley said, "We were very honored to welcome the Mayor and Shaun Bailey, MP at TWP's premises. Big thanks to everyone for your support, and it's always great to show what manufacturing is still done in the UK."

Andy Street was impressed by what he saw at TWP Group, and he took to Twitter to commend the company for their commitment to local manufacturing. He said, "The Black Country’s TWP Group is bringing manufacturing back to the UK & the WM. Instead of buying in parts from abroad, they’re making them here & at the same time creating local jobs. From wheelbarrows to camera equipment, there’s nothing they can’t do."

Phil Stanley also commented on the visit, saying, "It was great to have Andy Street visit our factory and see first-hand the work that we do here. Our CNC department is a crucial part of our business, and we're proud to be investing in local manufacturing and creating jobs in the process."


Overall, the visit of the West Midlands Mayor was a significant event for TWP Group and a positive sign for the future of UK manufacturing. With companies like TWP Group leading the way, there is hope that more businesses will follow suit and invest in local manufacturing, creating jobs and boosting the economy in the process.