Interplas on UK partnerships and reshoring business

Interplas on UK partnerships and reshoring business

Interplas Coatings Limited

World class supplier of painted plastic coatings - Interplas, has excelled in industry over the years and continues to thrive despite competition. Starting out as experts in coating automotive components, the company has since expanded its horizons to medical and high-end consumer products. This success is a result of Interplas dedication to innovation in sustainability, investment in automation and partnering with local businesses in order to reshore manufacturing services to the UK. 

Founded in 1990 by Narinder Mahi and family, Interplas began as a modest venture painting wheel covers and automotive parts in Dudley. With a clear focus on continuous improvement the company has evolved into a multifaceted operation serving diverse market sectors, from automotive giants like Toyota and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) to specialised industries such as medical equipment and high-end consumer products - such as luxury speakers.

 Phil Stebbings, Sales and Commercial Manager at Interplas, believes the company’s ability to adapt to unique requirements is what allows them to access new markets. “Supplying to various sectors has been a result of being flexible and never turning down a challenge. I believe this underscores our reputation as a versatile and reliable partner in manufacturing.” Phil said. 

Interplas, founder members of Made in the Midlands,  have a forward-thinking approach to business, where every challenge is viewed as an opportunity for growth and improvement. This is highlighted in their recent venture of reshoring work from Nissan Japan to the UK. The Nissan product was in need of efficiency enhancement due high cost. The original masking technique also needed updating to be sustainable and increase product quality.  Thanks to their investment into robotic painting systems and dedication to improving masking techniques, Interplas created a recyclable solution which is more cost effective and better for the planet. 

Robot automation is playing a major role in sales growth and development at Interplas. Their recent £200,000 investment into robotics is helping them win business due to robot painting being a requirement from brands such as JLR. The six axis ABB robot system and new extraction units are set to be installed into a brand new state of the art facility, extending Interplas’ current 28,000sq foot work space. 

(Image: The six axis ABB robot system)

“We are firm believers in the significance of partnerships and collaboration in overcoming challenges and seizing new opportunities. we leverage our extensive network to deliver innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations.” Phil continued. In a recent bid to reshore work to the UK from France - for a well known British automotive brand, whilst competing with German suppliers,  Interplas won the business after finding local partners in the Midlands who helped with the printing process. Working together on the project, Interplas could then complete the painting of the product, inspection and sometimes the assembly. 

Phil said: “Without the prospect of reshoring work to the UK, specifically the Midlands, we wouldn't have a company. We want to keep it Made in Britain and to achieve this, It's all about local industry partnerships. Thanks to our recent programme of reshoring the business from France for a major car brand, our partner in the Midlands is thriving.” 

With plans underway for the expansion of its facilities and continued investments in cutting-edge technologies, Interplas is working towards a remarkable journey of innovation and growth. As the company continues to push the boundaries of possibility, it remains an inspiring example for businesses striving to make a meaningful impact in their industries and beyond.

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