Everything you need to know about Metal Craft Industries

Everything you need to know about Metal Craft Industries

Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd

Metal Craft Industries is a leading engineering company who specialise in fabrication, stainless steel, aluminium and auto CAD design. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, the company prides itself on their traditional values and state of the art facilities. They recently rejoined Made in the Midlands to connect with like minded businesses who are dedicated to championing British Manufacturing. 

Renowned for their fabrication expertise, Metal Craft are best known for manufacturing and supplying an array of products for numerous industries from catering and warehouse to stock replenishment and retail. Reg Larkin, Managing Director at Metal Craft said:

“Our facility and attention to detail, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality products in stainless steel that will last for decades. We use only top-quality, 316L and 304 -grade stainless steel for all of our laboratory products. This metal meets all hygiene standards, and excellent resistance to harsh chemicals.”

Having operated in the UK for over four decades, the company is dedicated to showing their commitment to supporting British manufacturing. They have joined Made in the Midlands, one of the UK’s fastest growing membership groups for manufacturers, to connect with like minded professionals and offer mutually beneficial opportunities. Reg added:

“We are a major supplier to the food industries, laboratories, supermarkets and OEM’s. We are hoping by being part of the group, we can connect with more people who work within these industries and gain mutual referrals.

Metal Crafts was previously a member of Made in the Midlands back in 2018, however due to challenges brought on by the pandemic they left the trade association back in 2020. Reg and the team are hoping to utilise the latest innovations that have taken place at Made in Group such as the Backing Britain exhibition, Made Futures and Made platform which has been developed to help manufacturing leaders connect more easily. Reg concluded: 

“We are looking forward to sharing best practice with our local businesses and manufacturers in order to keep British industry strong for years to come. Members of the Made in Group can look forward to a company with decades of manufacturing experience who love this industry.” 

Metal Craft Industries UK Ltd. work with people who spend their whole lives developing products, designers, engineers. Craftsmen are behind everything that they do, creating sheet metal assemblies for a wide array of industries. MCI delivers engineering solutions and products, using their twenty first century cnc technology, building products that meet and exceed customer’s expectations. The company focuses on customer satisfaction and demonstrates superior knowledge and technical expertise, striving to continually improve on their products, and services. Contact MCI today at [email protected].