Brandauer Claims Second Kings Award For Enterprise - A Rare Honour

Brandauer Claims Second Kings Award For Enterprise - A Rare Honour

C Brandauer & Co Ltd

Brandauer has the rare honour of being one of only a select group of companies that have held two different King’s Awards for Enterprise titles simultaneously.

The Birmingham-based company, a leading presswork and tooling specialist, has been recognised for ‘Innovation’ after developing a new precision modular tooling concept that will deliver up to £6m of new sales over the next two years.

This has involved the manufacture of globally competitive precision tools that can produce micron accuracy components for use in high specification construction applications, battery assemblies, MedTech devices and electrification. 

The ‘Innovation’ accolade comes just four years after the firm was presented with an International Trade Award from the then Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

Rowan Crozier, CEO of Brandauer, commented: “It’s so difficult to get Royal endorsement once, so to get a second Award is a tremendous achievement for the business and reinforces our determination to be world class in everything we do.

“The initial title had already helped us win new contracts, especially in the US where the Royal family are highly revered. I’m hoping the Innovation Award will showcase our new precision modular tooling capability to new audiences and help us achieve our aim of delivering significant growth in this area over the next few years.

“It has been the whole teams labour of love; coming up with this new process and technology approach, taking more than three years to complete. Now we have a Micron Precision Tooling offer that is no longer expensive or inflexible for our customers and takes weeks out of production, reduces tooling costs by 25% on average and will transform production efficiencies for our customers.”

A significant amount of the IP generated from the modular tooling concept has been embedded into courses being delivered to OEMs, like JLR, at the Precision Tooling Academy in Aldridge, a joint venture between Brandauer and In-Comm Training. 

This will be used in courses that will help train the toolmakers of the future, a vital engineering discipline that was slowly dying out with specialists retiring without passing on knowledge and experience.

Rowan concluded: “The UK must be better at commercialising some of the new technology we design and develop and that is exactly what we are doing with our innovation. We will be creating revenue for our business, our supply chain and, importantly, creating up to 10 new jobs.

“This is also a breakthrough for domestic industry in general, as we are also sharing the methodology and IP with other SME companies, so they can grow their own toolmakers.”

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