Additive Manufacturing: Advance Your Career Alongside a Growing Industry

Additive Manufacturing: Advance Your Career Alongside a Growing Industry

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Additive manufacturing is making groundbreaking changes to the way in which UK manufacturing designs, builds and creates. Have you considered a career in this exciting and growing industry?

Also known as 3D printing, additive manufacturing creates products and items through building layers of material up on top of each other until a fully formed 3D object is made. Additive manufacturing has the potential to completely revolutionise the way that products are created and it ultimately has the potential to place the UK at the pinnacle of manufacturing worldwide.

The diverse technologies used for additive manufacturing have rapidly developed in recent years, meaning that this is the perfect time to begin work within this sector.

Back in 2020, we spoke with additive manufacturing company Additive-X (based in North Yorkshire), who had recently rebranded their name. Additive-X's Managing Director, Jo Young, said the following: 

“The fact that we have renamed our company as Additive-X Ltd this year demonstrates our commitment as an additive manufacturing solutions provider. 3D Printing has proved invaluable to help solve supply chain problems throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We are enabling companies to 3D print manufacturing tools that would otherwise have taken weeks to be made and shipped to the UK from China. We have also made ventilator parts and PPE for the NHS. The digital manufacturing movement is here, and it is here to stay.”

Jacob Wilson, who was at that time working in a Technical Sales Role at Additive-X, also said the following:

"The additive manufacturing movement is growing so quickly. The wide number of opportunities already available in the sector will only grow as more companies look to adapt and adopt digital manufacturing as a technology to invest in.”

Ultimately, additive manufacturing can offer you the chance to learn rapidly advancing technology and progress your career within an exciting sector. Discover the job vacancies available at Made Futures, including these job opportunities at Additive-X.