A Conversation with Teddy Kye-Nyarko from Bedford College: A Journey Through Construction Engineering and Education

A Conversation with Teddy Kye-Nyarko from Bedford College: A Journey Through Construction Engineering and Education


Meet Teddy Kye-Nyarko, the Head of Department for Technical and Modern Courses at Bedford College. In this video dialogue, we delve into Teddy's remarkable background in construction engineering and his transition into the world of teaching.

I'm Teddy Kye-Nyarko, overseeing technical and modern courses at Bedford College. Originally from Guyana, I pursued my BTEC qualification before embarking on studies at Kingston University in the UK, focusing on construction management. Following my university journey, I joined the British Army's Royal Engineers, contributing as an electrical and mechanical draughtsman. Eventually, I found my way into the realm of teaching at Bedford College.

Pursuing the path of Engineering and Construction from early inspiration to career choice engineering and construction have captivated me from a young age. This fascination led me to specialise in constructional engineering – a path that persisted even during my tenure in the Army, where my focus remained on engineering and construction. Looking ahead, whether teaching remains my primary avenue or not, I'm convinced I'll always be tied to the construction industry. It's conceivable that I might inspire young minds toward both teaching and construction. My commitment to construction stems from the fact that, during my school days, I realised that my strength lay in understanding how components fit together rather than rote memorisation.

The allure of Engineering and Construction making sense of complexity the essence of construction engineering resonates with my strengths, allowing me to comprehend and synthesise intricate details. Within roof construction, for instance, I can effortlessly visualise the placement of various elements and predict their roles. This domain doesn't necessitate extensive memorisation; rather, it hinges on understanding the structural puzzle. Similar to erecting a building, you don't need to foresee every single step – grasping the foundational aspects propels subsequent phases.

Choosing the path of teaching at Bedford College a transition driven by passion. After immersing myself in the Royal Engineers and acquiring skills in road and bridge construction, as well as electrical and mechanical engineering, I felt compelled to channel my expertise into teaching. My motivation was to empower and guide the younger generation, sharing the wisdom I'd gained. This aspiration led me to Bedford College, where I found an avenue to support aspiring individuals in kickstarting their careers. I embraced the opportunity to impart a deep comprehension of construction and engineering principles before they ventured into the professional world. My decision to teach at Bedford College was spurred by its location and the plethora of courses it offers, aligning perfectly with my mission.

Teddy Kye-Nyarko's journey from construction engineering to education embodies a profound dedication to nurturing future talent and equipping them with the skills needed for success in the dynamic world of construction and engineering.