50 Vacancies Available at MAN Group due to Reshoring Contracts

50 Vacancies Available at MAN Group due to Reshoring Contracts

MAN Group

The Manufacturing Assembly Network (MAN) has 50 jobs up for grabs after a string of reshoring contracts and new breakthroughs in electrification technology.

MAN comprises of eight sub-contract manufacturers and a specialist engineering design agency and employs more than 1750 people across 13 different factories.

The 50 vacancies range from SMT quality technicians and casting experts to technical sales and CNC machine setters, with firms also investing in a host of interns and apprentices.

Peter Davies, CEO of James Lister & Sons and Co-Chair of the MAN Group said: “Despite all of the economic challenges out of our control, UK manufacturing is really buoyant at the moment and there are lots of opportunities out there for firms who are delivering new innovations and world class performance.

“We need extra resource and across the nine companies we’ve got more than 50 live vacancies – the issue is trying to find people in a shrinking labour pool that hasn’t been helped by Brexit.”

“This means all our firms have to be more creative in the way we look to attract staff, and this has seen us offer new incentives, detailed progression paths and working closer with schools to try to build the pipeline of new talent coming through.

MAN’s members include Alucast, Barkley Plastics, Brandauer, Grove Design, James Lister & Sons, Kimbermills International, Muller Holdings, Nemco and PP Control & Automation.