3 Inspiring Stories of Innovation for UK Industry

3 Inspiring Stories of Innovation for UK Industry

Made In Group

Since Made in Group launched The Editor's Pick back in 2021, this project has shined a light on the stories of over 40 companies so far.


This live instalment sees one industry leader take the role of Guest Editor each week, selecting three recent news stories from Made in Group to interview, during a live, open forum discussion. Episodes are streamed live and uploaded to Made in Group's YouTube channel, Made LIVE.


This series has seen a wide variety of topics discussed surrounding the UK manufacturing and engineering industry, including apprenticeships, company investments, employee success stories, rebrands, and many more compelling company stories. Here, we are looking back on 3 times The Editor's Pick told stories which orientated around innovation within UK industry.



CBE+'s Innovative £4m Project to Bring 5 Divisions Under 1 RoofIn July 2022, CBE+ CEO Marie Cooper spoke about the company having recently completed its £4m project to bring its five divisions under one roof. This innovative £4m project has seen the firm install five plating lines, blasting and heat treatment capabilities at the site, which was previously home to BG Engineering before CBE+ made it its headquarters. WATCH EPISODE

How Innovation Can Support Manufacturers' Green Initiatives

In February 2022, Malthouse Engineering MD Roy Taylor spoke about their Go Greener news story. As Roy explained, Malthouse Engineering is taking climate change talk seriously by implementing an array of greener initiatives across the business. Roy emphasised that Malthouse Engineering had been encouraged massively by Rover.

One of the company's biggest green initiatives so far has been harvesting rainwater for use in their facility, mainly used in the grinding department of their plant to service steel. This was achieved by the company investing in large containers to collect the rainwater. To ensure the water was safe for employees, they also invested in ultraviolet light to help kill bacteria in the water.  




STEAMhouse Supports UK Industry with Innovation Services

Back in October 2021, MIM Patron Birmingham City University’s discussed STEAMhouse having launched a new website and business support services designed to help you solve problems and create new products and services.

Since 2018, the first phase of STEAMhouse had already supported nearly 300 organisations in the Midlands to develop their business. Over 90 innovative new products had been created and 40+ new research collaborations have been established with Birmingham City University academics. As Patrik highlighted in conversation with John, the new STEAMhouse website showcased a range of services designed to support a variety of enterprises from across sectors to overcome product, service and business challenges, and develop new solutions in response.