B1 Solutions is a digital transformation consultancy and a dedicated SAP Business One Partner, in the UK. Their main goal is to help manufacturers grow and become more profitable.

The use of multi-platform technology is a key approach to how manufacturing is working right now, and in the future with it allowing users to easily access data anywhere and at any time, bringing an old complicated process into a simplified digital business, connecting department and platforms. Speaking about how their company is Backing Britain, B1 Solutions spoke about how, “We’re experts in empowering aspiring businesses to work more productively, increase business insight, improve ways of working and exploit emerging opportunities.” But with workforces split between the plant and home, these systems also provide End-to- end process, a 360 view, track, and trace, with real-time visibility, allowing manufacturers to improve communication with customers and departments with an ability to access cross-functional department reports. But how can improved systems help support your manufacturing business? With a modern system, designed to work for you and your company, you’re able to engage in:


1. Better production planning: anticipate changes in demand, and supply and manufacturing capacities.

2. Gain better insight and understanding of the business: efficiency and cost savings.

3. Streamline and automate production processes: use and share information with vendors and suppliers.

4. Improve the utilisation of stock and resources: reduce stock holding and improve customer service.

5. Track stock through the manufacturing process including inventory control

6. Control operational costs: make smarter buying decisions.

7. Better manage regulatory and governmental compliance.