In their role as water treatment specialists, Excel Water improves the safety and efficiency of everyday functions for a range of organisations, from manufacturers to healthcare facilities. Pure water is essential for processes within sterile environments and the production of certain goods. 


An NHS trust in the Midlands approached Excel Water to assess their reverse osmosis (RO) plants. They needed a consistent supply of pure water due to the silica levels present in the mains water supply. The tank on site was causing the ROs to start and stop frequently. As a result, the ROs have been struggling to cope with demand.


The RO units send 25% water to drain during run cycles, meaning lots of water was being wasted due to the system’s inefficiency. The aim is to increase the flow rate and reduce water to drain. The project involves upgrading their 10-year-old RO unit, converting it to double pass from single and putting in 2 x 1.5m3 per hour to run duty/standby. The units will be fitted with an inverter driven pump that is IE5 rated, reducing energy consumption. Once installed, the new system will be tested and monitored by Excel Water’s team to ensure the trust is supplied with the right quality of water at the required frequency. To ensure the trust has a reserve of water, Excel installed additional tanks. The outcome of this project will ensure the Midlands NHS trust has improved water quality for the vital work they do. Moving to a constant flow will save energy costs, reduce wasted water, and avoid the hassle caused by the old system. Helping British organisations operate more efficiently and save water is what drives the team at Excel. The right water treatment system can transform daily operations.