Kadant Paal Limited are extremely proud of their approach and actions in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to the nature of Kadant Paal’s business i.e. recycling and waste handling, and its customer base also largely supporting key activities such as food retail and health, Kadant Paal staff were designated as key workers. It would have been easy therefore to keep all activities operational, but they recognised that there had to be a balance. Kadant Paal’s field service teams remained active in providing a response where required and to meet the waste handling and recycling needs of the Health Service, Supermarkets, Food Processing and the Prison Service to name a few. At the same time, the company decided to dramatically reduce their production activities with the focus being on supporting the service teams in terms of spare parts and assemblies.

The Managerial, Sales and Admin functions were asked to work from home. Although there has been an impact to the business, the company is content that those decisions had to be made under its Corporate Social Responsibility. Going forward though Kadant Paal have prepared for the “new normal” and have implemented various measures so that their manufacturing operations are up and running again. The business will look back on these times as challenging but innovative. Kadant Paal Limited design, manufacture and maintain recycling and waste handling equipment that can greatly benefit your company in the following ways:

• Saving money.
• Provide an income by recycling cardboard and plastics.
• Improving Health & Safety on disposal practices.
• Reduction in carbon footprint.
• Save space/reduction in waste compound footprint.
• Adoption of environmentally friendly working practices.
• Easy to operate the equipment.