Coventry based manufacturer Exactaform has invested a large sum of money into a technology centre to be used for research and development. The investment has enabled customers to not compromise on production and has allowed Exactaform to test cutting edge technology. However Exactaform’s investment is nothing out of the ordinary, the company invests around £1 Million to £1.5 million a year which has led to a 20 to 30% growth year on year. The investment is in addition to the sum of money that already goes into the business each year for increasing manufacturing and production capacity.
Exactaform’s Jamie White said: “As the business grows, the investment grows with it.”
In their bid to grow the company, the business has invested in a Tech Centre, where they can take customer parts, program them on a machine and test them without affecting the customer’s production. Talking about why the company decided to invest in the Tech centre, Jamie said: “We already sell ourselves as a solutions provider, we manufacture cutting tools but we do not sell the cutting tools as an individual item. We try to solve a customer’s problem with what we are selling. When aerospace customers are extremely busy and up against deadlines, they are not keen on turning off their production to run trials.”
To demonstrate cutting edge technology, the equipment and facility that Exactaform uses are vital. There are numerous reasons why the Tech centre is a great investment, including the production and measuring equipment needed to simulate the customer’s environment and discover the technology that is out there. However it is important to recognise that the service is not for profit, Jamie added: “We are a production environment, all we make is cutting tools and we have invested in a tech centre and its purpose is to provide offline programming for customers.” The company has already had a smaller version of this facility for a number of years, however, this is a major upgrade to what was already in place. The new facility will include machineries such as a DMG 3-axis machining centre, optical measuring equipment, Alicnoa inspection equipment and CAD-CAM software. On top of this investment, the company is continuously upgrading machinery and capacity enhancements.
Exactaform pride themselves as being specialists in diamond tooling manufacture. Their vision is to be the brand of choice for high-quality PCD tooling solutions. With their headquarters in the heart of England, they provide quality tooling to both large and small companies. They operate locally and globally, being able to deliver exceptional tooling with their personal touch is their mission. Supplying tooling ranging from PCD countersinks to drills, milling tools and reamers, they are driven by three simple values. Get things done, take pride in every detail and most of all stay down to earth. Their values enable them to be a reliable, capable solutions provider with consistently high quality. But at the same time allows them to be flexible to offer rapid response to the demands of the industry.